Seven Neighborhood teams. 20+ Sports. One Awesome New Way to get your game on in grind city.

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upcoming games 

Games begin Friday, March 22.


Games are going down every Friday from 7-9 pm, Saturday from 2-5pm and again from 7-9pm, and Sunday from 2-5pm.

Specific schedule information coming soon!


Team Name Wins Losses Draws
Go Forth From The North
West Memphis Wackos
Put Some South In Your Mouth
Bougie Bourbonites
Beasts From The East

meet people. play awesome games. get outside.

Pick a sport or 10 and show up ready to play. You’re already on a team based on where you live, so wear your color or order a jersey. Bring your family, friends and pets, but leave the food and beverage at home. We’ve got you covered with an awesome menu and full bar from Carolina Watershed.

We’ve got games going all weekend long starting Friday, March 22. Check out the schedule here, or just show up. Give us your email or cell and we’ll stay in touch with updated schedules, new games and neighborhood team standings. Vote here for your favorite sports, and if you want to form your own team and get serious, let us know. We work with Grind City Athletics for more competitive league play.

Games start on March 22. Sign up now.


GAME, SET, Match.

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